In order to avoid further unnecessary migrations down the road, we have decided to skip past the original phase 2 implementation, and implement the ideas/concept behind phase 3 into phase 2 itself/directly.

$SPACEx is a farming, reflective token with auto-yielding and burn. …

As we near towards the end of phase 1 distribution, and begin preparing for the launch of phase 2 with WBNB + Stablecoin rewards, we will be executing our first rewards halving.

In order to avoid a needless token migration since rewards halving was not included in our contract for sake of decentralization, we have taken the following the steps:

1. Created a private pool which has a 50% rewards allocation. Pool id is 18.
2. We then created a private token for this pool. Address of the token: 0xDA7c209A7e236099452f59cDb5D012F9647f2624
3. Finally we created a smart contract and sent the private token…

On the last day of March we announced the rebranding of the UniMex platform and a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting updates. Having reached the middle of the month, we would like to showcase some of the current states of the rebranded unimex.trade platform.

We’re very proud of the new look of the site as well as plenty quality of life improvements that this new version will bring. So let’s dive into it:


Easily one of the points most often discussed within Discord and Telegram was the “Approve -> Deposit” process of staking DGN or UMX. We realized…

March summary + Re-introduction to our growing ecosystem

With March now coming to an end, it’s safe to say that it has been an eventful month for our community. Having witnessed significant growth in terms of $UMX and $DGN holders, followed by the recent release, and addition, of farm.space($SPACE) to our ever-growing ecosystem.

As always, with new releases, there have been plenty of newcomers, along with plenty of uninformed and co-ordinated rounds of fud. Many of which may have lead to significant changes in prices of tokens(in the short term)for the better, or worse. …

Before we dive into the updates, it has been an eventful last 30 days for the unimex community, so here’s a quick rundown of what we have witnessed over this period:

Over 2x holders + stakers increase for $UMX

(3rd of February) https://twitter.com/UniMex_Network/status/1357002814506102784

(4th of March)

Following our first 2 weeks of public release, we have finally pushed out all the necessary updates to finalise the completion of Unimex v1.1!

With that being said, our community can always look forward to more updates, as we hope to perfect unimex v1, before the release of v2 next month.

Below you will find the details for both our trading and lending competitions , which share a $100,000 prize pool!

The start time for this 14 day long event can be found here:

Starts 20.1.21(17:00 UTC, 12:00 PM EST)
Ends 3.2.21(17:00 UTC, 12:00 PM EST)

Trading Competition

Lending Competition

Today we issued the 1:1 UMEX to UMX token swap.

To add UMX to wallet use: 0x10be9a8dae441d276a5027936c3aaded2d82bc15

1000 ETH was seeded as uniswap liquidity and has been locked for 101 years via unicrypt!


Unimex v1 is now also publicly available on the eth mainnet!

Users can trade, lend and stake:

margin contract
staking contract
factory contract
token contract

Fees Distribution

Docs and on-site FAQ coming soon :)

Happy trading!

How to stake UMX


How to lend for the unimex protocol


Token Distribution

10M Total Supply

Official website: https://unimex.network/

Telegram: https://t.me/UniMexNetwork
Telegram Ann Channel:

UniMex on the Rinkeby Ethereum test network.




What can our community look forward to for the rest of December?


As requested by our community for a quick reference:

UniMex has decided to partner with UniDex in order to provide a seamless integration of leverage trading to the UniDex platform.

UniMex is a platform first of it’s kind, to allow leverage trading on UniSwap in a completely decentralized manner. In UniDex’s goal to create the ultimate DeFi hub and trading experience, the partnership was a no-brainer.

Users will be able to find this section in the UniDex closed beta when things are ready. …

UniMex.finance is an innovative onchain margin-trading platform entirely contained within Uniswap.

Which means that shorts/longs are directly executed on Uniswap, rather than through an offchain approach e.g. through a 0x relayer. Margin traders are charged fees which are disbursed to lenders as a reward for supplying liquidity to lending pools.

The UMEX token

Total Token Supply 10,000,000
50% 5,000,000 Seed Offering + Initial Token Offering
20% 2,000,000 Initial Uniswap Listing(0.000675 Eth per token)
15% Team and development(time-released)
10% Marketing, exchange listings, partnerships
2.5% YIELDX stakers airdrop
2.5% SWAP holders airdrop


UMEXStaking | YIELDXStaking | SWAPStaking

Distribution of Trading Fees

UniMex imposes a 0.8% levy on loans.

0.4% of fees will be distributed…


unimex.network — A decentralized, utility based ecosystem.

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