Farm.Space — First SPACE Rewards Halving

2 min readApr 18, 2021

As we near towards the end of phase 1 distribution, and begin preparing for the launch of phase 2 with WBNB + Stablecoin rewards, we will be executing our first rewards halving.

In order to avoid a needless token migration since rewards halving was not included in our contract for sake of decentralization, we have taken the following the steps:

1. Created a private pool which has a 50% rewards allocation. Pool id is 18.
2. We then created a private token for this pool. Address of the token: 0xDA7c209A7e236099452f59cDb5D012F9647f2624
3. Finally we created a smart contract and sent the private token to it. The smart contract is the only owner of the token, so it receives all the dividends from the pool.

  • Smart Contract adds token to pool, begins farming.
  • Smart Contract has a public function to withdraw dividends and burn them. $SPACE can only be burnt from the smart contract and can’t be withdrawn.

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