Farm.Space — Phase 2 Information

2 min readMay 23, 2021


In order to avoid further unnecessary migrations down the road, we have decided to skip past the original phase 2 implementation, and implement the ideas/concept behind phase 3 into phase 2 itself/directly.

  • $100,000 BNB dividend claim for $SPACE LP stakers before the launch of next phase
  • Token migration, from $SPACE to $SPACEx, due to the nature of the next phase and updates, alongside the immutability of v1 contracts and necessary migration over to v2

$SPACEx is a farming, reflective token with auto-yielding and burn.
Airdrop/Swap will be processed for $SPACE, followed by short term farming bonus when farming $SPACEx with $SPACE.

- The SPACEx token will be distributed directly in the form of an airdrop to existing SPACE holders and stakers.
- SPACE adopters will then have an early edge, through short term bonus farming of SPACEx.

  • Rewards in WBNB/BUSD and $SPACE, for $SPACE LP stakers
    With the new UI, users will be able to claim both rewards directly.
  • Referral system
    Earn 1% of referral’s farming earnings (bonus)
  • Unimex lending system
    Staking regular assets via single asset staking, for example WBNB/ETH/BTC, etc, will also yield WBNB dividends on top of farming $SPACE.
    There will be a 2 week lock period for staking of these single assets, after every 2 week period there will be a 24h period whereby funds can be withdrawn.

Phase 3 is set to release between early and mid June, with the much awaited dividend claim made available before then, alongside another integration announcement.

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