UniMex X UniDex

2 min readDec 11, 2020

UniMex has decided to partner with UniDex in order to provide a seamless integration of leverage trading to the UniDex platform.

UniMex is a platform first of it’s kind, to allow leverage trading on UniSwap in a completely decentralized manner. In UniDex’s goal to create the ultimate DeFi hub and trading experience, the partnership was a no-brainer.

Users will be able to find this section in the UniDex closed beta when things are ready. In a similar fashion to how users would switch between limit order swapping panels to liquidity pool management, UniDex users can switch to the margin trading powered by UniMex and get to trading.

UniDex Lead: “We aim to be the Hub of anything DeFi trading related. UniMex traders can get a good grasp on their portfolio by looking at detailed analytics related to their portfolio and manage their outside non-margin related positions to prepare them for their margin trading session or trade setup. Swap between 2 assets that can be aggregated from multiple liquidity sources with partial fills between multiple pools and dex’s to give you the best rate, manage your liquidity pool pairs and keep up with your return over time, or even explore automated trading on uniswap and similar pools through tokensets. A full trading experience on the full exchange launch will put traders first with a clean UI but familiar with multiple opportunities at your hand to give the ultimate DeFI trading experience.”