UniMex.Network + Farm.Space - April Expectations.

March summary + Re-introduction to our growing ecosystem

With March now coming to an end, it’s safe to say that it has been an eventful month for our community. Having witnessed significant growth in terms of $UMX and $DGN holders, followed by the recent release, and addition, of farm.space($SPACE) to our ever-growing ecosystem.

$UMX (ERC-20)

$DGN (BEP-20)


April developments + Teasers


  • Mass adoption ready re-branding.
    We are taking our platform and branding to the next level, teasers can be found above and below.
  • $350,000+ Marketing and Educational campaigns
    Increased exposure will be coupled with dedicated educational content and branding pieces delivered for our community by some of the best content creators in the space, who have produced for the likes of Binance, ShapeShift and Lisk, to name a few.
  • Stablecoin trading availability
    Stablecoin based trading pairs.
  • Full wallet connect availability for unimex trading and staking
  • Upgraded/Pro charts
  • Seamless ETH/BSC toggle to switch between chains.

Farm Space

  • Phase 2, WBNB + BUSD USDT USDC Dividends.
  • With farm.space already supporting the current unimex lending pools, it may be forked to the ETH network in order to further support unimex ETH chain lending pools.
    This would of course provide plenty of further exposure for the BSC side. In the end will come down to community demand.

Note that:

  • 50% of farm.space deposit fees go towards unimex trading pools to incentivise further trading.
  • SPACE-WBNB and SPACE-BUSD LP stakers will share 0.05%/0.4% of upcoming wbnb and stablecoin dividends from unimex.trade/bsc

Ok, but when MOON?

  • Most importantly, ETA for stablecoin trading release plus phase 2 migration is between early and mid April, any important details will be pre-announced days before. As with any transparent development, any anticipated delays will be communicated to our community beforehand, even if insignifcant.

UI Teasers

Unimex Socials

Official website: https://unimex.network/
Unimex v1 ETH:
Unimex v1 BSC: https://unimex.trade/bsc

Farm Space Socials

Official website: https://farm.space/

Project Lead

Twitter: https://twitter.com/farmtownN
Tg contact: @farmtownN



unimex.network — A decentralized, utility based ecosystem.

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