UniMex.Network-April Dev Update

3 min readApr 16, 2021

On the last day of March we announced the rebranding of the UniMex platform and a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting updates. Having reached the middle of the month, we would like to showcase some of the current states of the rebranded unimex.trade platform.

We’re very proud of the new look of the site as well as plenty quality of life improvements that this new version will bring. So let’s dive into it:


Easily one of the points most often discussed within Discord and Telegram was the “Approve -> Deposit” process of staking DGN or UMX. We realized that reusing the “Approve” button with changed text isn’t intuitive for many people and switched to a two-button Design similar to Uniswap. Please note that the transaction history as well as the top-staker list is filled with tentative dummy-data, as we will be fetching this data from the backend rather than performing inefficient frontend blockchain queries for this, heavily reducing loading times in the process. The backend for this is completed, however it is not yet running.


We’ve taken note that a lot of people found our lending system unintuitive so we have decided to change this up.

  1. The /pools page is now called /lending to make it instantly recognizable
  2. Pools are no longer displayed in a table but a collection of individual Lending Pool cards (sortable at launch)
  3. We’ve added the option to purchase the Tokens directly on UniMex, utilizing native Pancakeswap/Uniswap routing so that users don’t need to navigate away from UniMex in order to acquire the Tokens needed to supply to the lending pools.


Many users who haven’t kept up-to-date for a while, only recently learned that UniMex has launched on Binance Smart Chain due to the lack of communication on site. In light of this, we have decided to let the platform decide which version to load. This means that no matter which Chain your MetaMask is connected to (BSC or Eth Mainnet) UniMex automatically detects your connection and displays the according data.

This also means that the site will update if you decide to switch chains on MetaMask manually.

We’ve also decided to make heavy use of content modals to highlight focus points rather than integrating them within the content flow directly.

In addition, we’re adding an on-site toggle (tentative design) which will prompt the user to switch to the correct chain

Note that this is not the full extent of the current status, as we have done a lot of work behind the scenes finding a fitting charting solution and reworking the backend from scratch. The new and improved charts especially are sure to get your attention, but we would like to keep some goodies hidden for now as to not spoil the whole surprise :)

We’re trying our best to ship this v2 of UniMex together with stablecoin pairs and custom price data solutions by the end of the month.

Directly after the launch of v2, we will be moving forwards with the release of phase 2 for farm.space, where SPACE-LP farmers will begin to earn real-time WBNB + Stablecoin dividends!

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