UniMex.finance - Teasers + Progress Report + Transparency

UniMex on the Rinkeby Ethereum test network.




What can our community look forward to for the rest of December?

  • Next video drop shows how easy it is to provide for the UniMex protocol along with some additional features!
  • Opening the mainnet beta for the top 100 holders between mid and end of next week.(Meaning somewhere between the 23rd and 27th)
  • UniMex public alpha launch, the mainnet beta should allow us to quickly identify and fix any issues, so we are very hopeful but not announcing a date for this just yet.


As requested by our community for a quick reference:

  • 🔒Audit Report available here.🔒
  • Completed another single-event future payment for 1,500,000 UMEX for the 30th of December. (Team token lock up again as requested by community)


Total supply: 9,500,000
Circulating supply: 7,000,000

Sister project - YIELDX, unimex airdrop and integration coming soon, only clue: the longer you are in, the more you will benefit.

Farming based, both inflationary and deflationary model.
Small circulating and fully diluted marketcap of - $170k.

Official website: https://yieldxfarming.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/yieldfarmingio
Telegram Ann Channel:



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