Nov 24, 2020

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UniMex.finance-Bringing Margin Trading to Uniswap.

UniMex.finance is an innovative onchain margin-trading platform entirely contained within Uniswap.

Which means that shorts/longs are directly executed on Uniswap, rather than through an offchain approach e.g. through a 0x relayer. Margin traders are charged fees which are disbursed to lenders as a reward for supplying liquidity to lending pools.

The UMEX token

Total Token Supply 10,000,000
50% 5,000,000 Seed Offering + Initial Token Offering
20% 2,000,000 Initial Uniswap Listing(0.000675 Eth per token)
15% Team and development(time-released)
10% Marketing, exchange listings, partnerships
2.5% YIELDX stakers airdrop
2.5% SWAP holders airdrop


UMEXStaking | YIELDXStaking | SWAPStaking

Distribution of Trading Fees

UniMex imposes a 0.8% levy on loans.

0.4% of fees will be distributed to lenders to reward them for providing liquidity to the protocol, and the other half of fees will be distributed to UMEX stakers and partner projects. More specifically:

Trading Fee Discount

In order to reward UMEX holders and to further motivate participation in the YIELDX farming platform, UniMex traders will have the opportunity to receive a 25% discount on trading fees if those fees are paid for using UMEX or YIELDX. Lenders will always receive 0.4% of trading fees, the remainder after trading fee discounts will be allocated proportionally to UMEX and YIELDX stakers.


Decentralization is a principle which UniMex endeavours to uphold. So shortly after the deployment of the platform the admin will be removed from the contract and instead governance will be liberalized. More specifically, users will have the option to either stake UMEX or to burn YIELDX as means to affect key protocol changes such as approving the creation of new lending pools.

Initial Token Offering

The UniMex ITO will open on 27.11.20 at 17:00 GMT.

It will be conducted through a smart contract address which will be
posted publicly at this time.

Sending Eth to this smart contract address will directly return
you UMEX tokens, which won’t be transferrable till after uniswap

The ITO will be open for upto 72 hours, ending on 30.11.20 at 17:00 GMT.

UMEX will be directly listed on uniswap after the closure of the ITO, meaning once hardcap has been reached, or end of the 72 hour period.

Uniswap liquidity will be directly locked, and 50% of Team tokens will be vested through TrustSwap’s team token lock.

  • 2,500,000 UMEX will be made available in the ITO
  • 0.00065 eth per token

150 Eth cap per address
A Softcap of 1000 Eth
A Hardcap of 1625 Eth

Seed Investors receive the same amount of tokens as ITO investors on uniswap release, their bonus tokens are vested and time-released over the period of 3 months, once a month.

Any eth sent from an exchange addresses is not recoverable, please make sure to transfer eth from a ERC-20 wallet of which you have control of.

Official website: https://unimex.finance/

Telegram: https://t.me/UniMexFinance
Telegram Ann Channel: